About Lanăur

Our factory uses Mongolia’s natural resources to manufacture eco-home products such as wool socks, felt and sheepskin slippers, rugs, mats, and insoles.

We proudly specialize in making shoes from wool and sheepskin. We are committed to taking sustainable measures in sourcing, designing, producing, and reimagining the world around us. We are located in Mongolia – a steppe land of nomads and sheep breeding culture. Wet-felting and sheepskin was traditional craft and vital household material for our ancestors. Today we continue the craft and preserve the quality through making sustainable indoor shoes.

Why we are different

Our sustainability efforts begin with sheepskin, wool, leather a fabric that is long-lasting, recyclable, and renewable.

Wool from Mongolia is considered to be amongst the highest quality wool in the world. Mongolian sheep are called superior quality wool fibers because of the harsh winter temperatures, at times -40 degrees. The sheep graze in the vast steppes of Mongolia and are free from mulesing practices. The wool is hand-combed by the herders. This will not only financially secure the herders, but the animals will also enjoy a breezier summer.

Our factory was opened in 2018, since then, we have been producing goods regularly. Currently, we have 14 employees in our factory.

We can produce 45000 pairs of socks and 3000 pairs of slippers monthly.

Naranbat Zuunnamar
Kherlen Bekhbat
Factory director
Head of Finance Department
Enkh-Amgalan Tsengel
Foreign Trade Manager