Minimum order quantity (MOQ)

Production MOQ is 100 pairs in one color. Product sizes may vary within the MOQ.


We ask to confirm a 50% deposit of the total wholesale. This allows us to reserve the production and materials for your delivery. The remaining part of the amount is expected to be transferred once the goods have been produced and ready to be shipped.

Delivery period

Customers of LANĂUR are provided with discounted prices by the major international shipment services. We will assist you in finding the best offers and in arranging the transportation process.

Production capacity

We can produce 5,000 pairs of shoes a month.


We are happy to provide a sample for you to test our products before placing an order. Once your samples are ready, we issue an invoice together with the shipment cost. If you would like a sample in your design, then sample making period may last weeks depending on the chosen model and specifications.


We pack orders in paper cardboard boxes. For protection from humidity, products are also lined with polyethylene.

Generalized Scheme of Preferences (GSP+)

The European Union granted GSP+ status to the Mongolians. The status provides a full removal of import tariffs on the goods produced in Mongolia and imported to the EU.